Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lips Eyes and Cheeks.......Oh My!!!!!

This season every fashionista may be wondering what the heck should i do with my makeup transitioning into the fall!!!!!! Well after speaking with a Mac Make up Expert(who couldn't be shown) its safe to say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice :-) So ladies try a ruby red lipstick, use a thick layer of mascara to get dramatic, and lastly work your look like the unique diva you are......... let's say it together I'm Fierce and I Know It!!!! Here are a couple of my looks i expermented with....... What you think divas :-)


  1. Love the looks! I really need to experiment more with all the stuff I have. I know I got all excited when I whipped out my MAC Film Noir lipstick. I'm so ready for dark and dramatic colors. The neons and brights just look a hot ratchet mess on me! LOL

  2. Thanks!!! Its always fun to experiment diva but I must say Red shades of lipsticks are my favs. Lol I agree with the bright colors on me too but my lil sister can rock them so well ughhhh lol