Friday, April 11, 2014

Bak on the Scene Divas

Hey Divas!!!!! Its been awhile.......a year to be exact lol but im back and ready to get my blog up and running :-) Soooooooo to kick off Spring my awesome friend Jermeka and I enjoyed an evening of shopping and networking at a Fashion event in Charlotte NC. The best thing about the event besides the great merchandise were the wonderful and inspiring boutique owners and entrepreneurs!!!!! We spent a little time and money with Born majestic's owner and learned a lot about the business!!!!!! She's totally inspiring and I appreciate her taking time to chat with us.........Girl power  ;-)  Well here are some pics hope you enjoy and remember "be uniquely stated"
My friend Jermeka looking fabulous

Jermeka, Majestic, and I 


  1. Cute look! What event were you attending? I love the cropped top! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog the other day!! Stop by again soon!

    xo, Kenya

  2. Thanks kenya!! It was a dupp and swap event There is a fashion event in June that's coming up also