Sunday, May 11, 2014

Graduate like a Diva!!

So its graduation time and ladies we all know we want to look our best especially because all the attention is on us........the shoes, the hair, the accessories, the dress!!!! A couple of helpful tips from my observation at my mother's graduation would be.............. 1. Make sure ur dress isnt longer than your gown try a cute cocktail dress and that would avoid being paranoid about tripping on your big day 2. Less is more try a nice pair of pearls or hoops to keep it classy and simple 3. Shoes are the accessory most noticeable during the ceremony and although most would say stay neutral with black, grey, or nude if you wanta spice it up with a snake skin pump it's ur day Diva!!!! 4. My final tip is be comfortable in your own skin there's nothing worst than tugging at a dress all night or wearing cute shoes that burn ur feet at the end of the night. Well DIVAS hope you all enjoyed your mother's day weekend and this post is dedicated to my mother the Graduate with honors Lorraine Denise McCall

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