Monday, August 20, 2012

Hair Scarves & Turbans!

Hello Fashionistas,

Today's topic... Hair Accessories that are IN! Ladies, we all have bad hair days or days where we want to look fashionable without the hassle of fixing our hair, so what do we do? How about picking your favorite scarf from your closet and making it into the ultimate hair accessory. Women all over are opting for the turban look and might I say they are definitely pulling the look off! The best part about this look is that it does not require you to go out and purchase anything, just pull a scarf from your closet, your sister, mother, aunt or anyone and you are on your way to achieving the look. Also, anyone with any hairstyle or texture can pull it off! Below is a tutorial video that I found on YouTube that demonstrates the proper way to tie a turban video courtesy of liveloveGlam! As always Ladies, feel free to comment and post pictures of you rocking your turban look!

Remember Ladies, Anyone Can Make A Statement But It Takes A True Fashionista To Be Uniquely Stated!

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